Christmas has arrived..

Hey there!

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone is surrounded by family or friends tonight and has a great time!


Danish Christmas decoration

I'm thankful for what I have been given and will now wait for the 1st actual Christmas Day, since we celebrate 3 days in Germany.

Little fella

Searching for a Christmas tree

24th; 25th and 26th of December!

Let me know how your Christmas days went!

Thank you for reading and enjoy Christmas everyone!

xx, Steph

Home Sweet Home..

Hey there!

I was flicking through my photos today and decided to dedicate a post to my hometown/surroundings.

Since I live right next to a forest I often go there for a walk.

Sika deer


The city Kiel is located at the Baltic Sea which connects me to the seaside. I often go to the beach with my friends, since it's only a few minutes away from where I live.

Although Kiel isn't very big, I enjoy living here. Especially around summer.

Thank you for reading!

Comment below where you're from and what you love about it.

xx, Steph

Urban exploring..

Hey there!

Yesterday my friends and I went exploring in our city in search for a great place to shoot photos for a photography contest.

Eventually we discovered an old factory building. It is completely abandoned which is a reason for graffiti artists to leave their marks behind.

It is really amazing to just stand in the big hall and look at the paintings. The danger of collapse is naturally given but didn't stop us from entering the building.

Trees aren't spared the paint
Some probably say that graffiti is terrible vandalism but I reckon it prevents the loneliness of certain places. If there wasn't any street art at this factory building it would seem even scarier and pointless not to get rid of it.



Once you return the place will probably have changed since the paintings are being over-sprayed.

Around my city street art isn't often found in random places and sprayers mostly just leave their symbols everywhere. That's why I was so surprised by this place since it's rather rare around here or impossible to find.

If you liked this post please comment down below and tell me what you think about graffiti!

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

How to make a salad..

Hey there!

Today I visited my dear friend KA to spend the afternoon with her. She has got a fashion blog, so check her out as well if you like! ( )
We worked on our art project and made a lovely salad.
Since my art project includes taking photographs of food from this region, we had all the ingredients to prepare one.

We used:

~ butterhead lettuce
~ beet root
~ radicchio
~ carrot
~ tomato
~ radish
~ lemon oil
~ salt + pepper
~ white balsamic vinegar
~ pinch of sugar

I mostly took macro shots of the ingredients, since I didn't want to shoot photographs which can be found in every ordinary food magazine.

And here's the final product.

If you have any recommendations or add-ons, please comment below and let me know ;)

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

Cozy days..

Hey there!

Since Christmas is around the corner it just seems to be the right thing to start baking cookies and getting into a christmassy mood.

A light in the darkness

In Germany the temperature is going down really fast so everyone tries to make it as hyggelig (danish for cozy, familiar, positive atmosphere) as possible in their homes. 

Every year my family and I bake heaps of different little cookies which show off our German culinary culture. Very important is also the Advent wreath which we compose differently each year.

Christmas candle (danish: kalenderlys)

As my family is originally from Denmark we love to mix up the two cultures which do have many similarities. So we basically get the best of both cultures in one festivity.

Homemade stollen

Advent calender

That's it for now. Enjoy your Christmas Season!

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph