Saddle up..

Hey there!

I went to the nearby stables the other day to take photos of some horses.

Later on I went for a walk around the fields next to the farm.

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xx, Steph

Danish: Rice pancakes..

Hey there!

Since I am lucky enough to have a great Danish grandmother, I get to share her secret recipes from Denmark with you.

This dish is called "Reispfannkuchen" ( German for rice pancakes ) and tastes heavenly.


~ 250g rice pudding
~ 1 l milk
~ a pinch of salt
~ zest of a lemon
~ 2 eggs
~ 2 tbs. of sugar
~ 2 tbs. of flour

~ any kind of berries (strawberries, raspberries,..)
~ 2 tbs. of sugar
~ vanilla bean
~ some corn starch mixed up with water

1. Bring the rice, milk and salt to a boil in a small pot; then turn it down to simmer. Leave it for approx. 30 mins.

2. Start preparing the berry sauce. Put the berries into another pot, add sugar, water and the vanilla bean.

3. Once the berries have dissolved, mix a tablespoon of corn starch with a bit of water. Whilst stirring add the mixture and stop once it has begun to thicken.

4. As soon as the rice has soaked up all of the milk, put the rice into a mixing bowl and add the other ingredients.

5. Put a pan on the stove (medium heat) and add a bit of butter or sunflower oil.

6. Form small "pancakes" in the pan and wait until the upside has dried slightly.

7. Then flip them around and wait another few minutes.

8. And finally arrange the pancakes with some raspberry sauce and - ENJOY!

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xx, Steph

Via bike..

Hey there!

Last weekend I met up with my friend to go on a bike tour. We planned on riding along the "Kiel Canal" to enjoy the outdoors.

Padlock in front of the canal

When we crossed the canal with the ferry we saw two ships passing by that were surrounded by seagulls.

HDR of a bridge

It's finally warming up over here in Germany which is greatly appreciated by everyone.

I hope you have had a good week so far and are enjoying the moment.

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xx, Steph

Fashion blogger in action..

Hey there!

May I introduce you to my dear friend Anna-Karenita, aspiring fashion advisor?

She owns a fashion blog and is featured in the online version of teenvogue.

She adores all things French which becomes obvious on her blog. Her style could be described as sort of classical spiced up with certain it-pieces. Everything matches and her outfits don't seem over-the-top.

I admire her for her sense of fashion, you should totally check her out!

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xx, Steph