Hey there!

In early April my family and I went to visit Hamburg and the "HafenCity" ( =harbour city of Hamburg, new urban area that is still being planned and built - development started in 1997).

Northern German architectural style

The "Michel" - main church in Hamburg

Me standing in the Old Warehouse District

The Old Warehouse District "Speicherstadt" is a part of Hamburg where import and export was managed back in the days. As Hamburg is conveniently surrounded by the Elbe (River) the open sea is easily reached, which explains the most important source of income of the city - the maritime trade.

Canal with bridge
The district impresses with old buildings made out of red brickstones. The architectural style of the district was influenced by the typical Northern German redbrick Gothic, which can be seen in all Hanseatic cities in Germany.

Where goods were stored

The area marked in red is the Old Warehouse District. The HafenCity is located south of the OWD. Only small parts have been finished until this day and many more projects are to start. 

Map showing a part of Hamburg

Café on the "Überseeboulevard"

Small shops

Angular buildings

Modern apartment building

Back in the Old Warehouse District

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xx, Steph

Summer fruit..

Hey there!

Well today I spent the day studying... Yay..
At least I got to do it outside in the sun.

Nevertheless I was distracted by my camera (Canon EOS 600D) and the cherries and strawberries we had bought from the farmer's market.

My backyard

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

xx, Steph

Maritime lifestyle..

Hey there!

Today after school me and my friends went to the rowing pier and jumped into the Bay of Kiel!
The weather had been nice all afternoon which also impacted the beauty of the sunset.

Gorch Fock - German school ship


Seagull in front of marine systems company
Seagulls and sailing-ships are part of the everyday life of every "Kieler" (habitant of Kiel). Hearing the tooting ships is just another background noise that nobody really listens to anymore.
I took the time to actively immerse into the maritime parts of Kiel.


After having a driving lesson I went back to the seaside and spent some time with my friends on the landing stage "Reventlou".

We sat down, had a beer and told each other the latest gossip.

Profile Portraits of my friends:

As the sun was setting we made our way to a park. On the way I took a photo of the bay with the beautiful sky colours.

Finally we left the park and separated. Arriving on a cross-breed I set my Canon EOS 600D to a slow shutter speed which helped me to capture the tail lights of a passing car.

A long day is now over and I'm glad to be back home again.

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

My French pal..

Hey there!

Last Monday I went with K to the seaside of Kiel to take photos for her fashion blog Semaphore ( ). All photos shot with a Sony Alpha 100.

K on beech avenue

Bay of Kiel

The sun shone brightly and we enjoyed the gentle sea breeze.

An important factor for writing a post for a fashion blog is that you'll need macro shots to be able to have a close look at the different parts of the outfit. That's why I used the macro setting to put K's fabulous shoes and her necklace into the spotlight.

Nevertheless it is necessary to get an overview of the person's clothing, which was a reason to shoot long shots and mid shots.

We've been having very nice weather for the whole week now and it doesn't seem to get worse anytime soon. Everyone feels thoroughly happy and is looking forward to being on holidays.

2 1/2 weeks to go, guys!

xx, Steph

There's just something about old architecture..

Hey there!

Today I drove with my friend on her black little Vespa to the marine quarters of my city.

Vespa - macro setting

When we arrived I instantly recognised the beauty of the old, big domiciles that had been standing there for over 100 years. The red brickwork stood in contrast to the green leaves of the beech trees and the mansions were fenced in aesthetically.

There is also the "Petruskirche - Petrus church" which impresses with an atrium made of cobblestones and a huge garden. It was built from 1905-1907 by the architects Curjel & Moser.


Next to the church is a small house that catches eyes with a cute, azure door. I loved the contrast between the blue and the red brick stones. 

That's it for now! Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

God just knocked over his inkpot..

Hey there!

Today we had more than 20°C and I took advantage of the pleasant weather and went to the seaside.

With two friends I spectated at "Rowing against cancer" which is a small regatta that is hosted every year in the Bay of Kiel in June.

When I arrived back home, the weather suddenly changed. I went outside and saw two different kinds of sky patterns colliding. On one hand clear blue sky and on the other dark thunderclouds. 

A few minutes later it began to rain cats and dogs. Equipped with an umbrella and a Canon EOS 600 reflex camera I bravely went outside and took photos of "teardrops shed by god" that got in touch with the flora in my backyard.

Macro shot of Spirea plant

Yellow Marguerite Blossom

Leaf of European Beech Tree

Blossom of Quince Tree

Thanks to the hot and humid weather I managed to take a few photographs with the macro setting.

I'm certain and optimistic that summer has finally arrived.

xx, Steph

Starting off..

Hey there!

So as my interest in photography has increased over the last few months, I've decided to create a blog.

First of all I will introduce myself. My name is Steph, I am a 17 year old female student living in Germany, Europe.
In my spare time I enjoy taking photos, listening to music and cooking meals or baking marvellous cakes. I also love to play volleyball with my team and absolutely adore travelling.
The city I've been living in for 17 years is called Kiel and is located at the Baltic Sea.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog from this day on.

xx, Steph