Nature at its best..

Hey there!

Over the 6 weeks off school I travelled to the Canarian Isles with my family for recreational holiday.

We visited "La Gomera" and "El Hierro which are less visited by tourists.

The landscape is very fertile as the islands are from volcanic origin. Farmers cultivate bananas, sweet corn, wine, exotic fruit and avocados.

Unfortunately La Gomera recently had to face severe wild fires that destroyed parts of the precious national park.

I have been to this island many times. From when I was a little child until now, I always manage to see the beauty of the place.

I hope I could give you a small impression of the island through theses shots.

Thank you for reading.

xx, Steph


  1. These are such amazing landscapes. Wow, you captured them perfectly!

    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot! X