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Part 7: Montville, Sunshine Coast

The beautiful small town Montville is situated on the Blackall Range overlooking the Sunshine Coast. Driving up there is fascinating, since you pass all sorts of landscapes. First of all you start off at the beach, continuing to flat land and then gradually entering the rainforest (which makes you think that the nearest city must still be miles away) and then eventually reaching Montville by surprise.

The church in the photo sits directly at a nice lookout making magical weddings or other services possible. You can actually see all the way through the windows to the scenic lookout.

Montville has got a lot of shops, galleries and an amazing café to offer. As we visited Montville we had a delicious breakfast at the Poets Café and strolled along the Main Street to look at the shops.

It's easiest to reach the beautiful and almost untouched hinterland of the Sunshine Coast with a car. Since the towns are all close by, a roadtrip is definitely recommendable. If you ever plan a trip there, make sure to check out Maleny and maybe go for a walk around the Mapleton Falls National Park to take a look at the waterfall there (pack stuff for a picknick as well to enjoy in the rainforest).

Next up: Brisbane's West End

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