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Last week I went on a class trip to England. We hired a coach and started our journey with the following stops:

Kiel, Germany - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - York, England - 

Stratford-upon-Avon, England - Burford, England - Oxford, England - London, England - 

Calais, France - Kiel, Germany

When we arrived in Rotterdam we took the night ferry to Hull, England. 

Dutch port

The next morning we drove to York where we went on a sightseeing tour and a minster visit.

Street in York

One of the more expensive areas

The Treasurers House with its marvellous garden

Now the York Minster is an ancient cathedral situated in the centre of the city. It amazes with great architecture and lots of historical facts.

Front view

One of the great floor tiles

My favourite ceiling

The next day we proceeded to the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon.
It is a lovely, small town located along the river Avon. When we had some spare time we hired a rowing boat and explored the waterway.
The town reminds of medieval time and when walking around the town one can understand Shakespeare's origin of creativity.

The Avon


That's it for now, I'll post the rest of the journey in another blog post the following week!

Thank you for reading.

xx, Steph

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