London calling..

Hey there!

So as promised, here comes the second part of our journey through elegant England.

As we were leaving Stratford-upon-Avon we decided to take a short detour to see lovely landscapes around Oxford.

We ended up in a small town named Burford delighting with beautiful houses and tiny shops.

After spending a few hours there we continued our bus ride to Oxford. We visited the Christchurch College where many scenes of the Harry Potter series were shot.

Garden Christchurch

Oxford is a marvellous old town that impresses with beautiful architecture and charming caf├ęs.

The next day we finally proceeded to London. We arrived at around 5 o'clock and went to the city centre to watch a play at Piccadilly Circus called "39 steps".

Piccadilly Circus at dawn

Getting around in London is super easy, as the public transport system is very extensive and fast.

The next days we had the chance to take a closer look at this global city.

St. Paul's Cathedral
Street of London

We watched the change of the guards at Buckingham Palace and wandered around in the streets of London.

On Sunday afternoon we returned back home. I reckon we didn't have enough time to see a lot of London, but from what I've seen I will definitely come back one day!

Westminster Abbey

Thank you for reading.

xx, Steph

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