How to make a salad..

Hey there!

Today I visited my dear friend KA to spend the afternoon with her. She has got a fashion blog, so check her out as well if you like! ( )
We worked on our art project and made a lovely salad.
Since my art project includes taking photographs of food from this region, we had all the ingredients to prepare one.

We used:

~ butterhead lettuce
~ beet root
~ radicchio
~ carrot
~ tomato
~ radish
~ lemon oil
~ salt + pepper
~ white balsamic vinegar
~ pinch of sugar

I mostly took macro shots of the ingredients, since I didn't want to shoot photographs which can be found in every ordinary food magazine.

And here's the final product.

If you have any recommendations or add-ons, please comment below and let me know ;)

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph


  1. Yum, looks good, it's all about the dressing, I love balsamic vinegar on mine

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  2. Hey Helen!
    Thanks so much for your comment and yep, balsamic vinegar is the best :)

    Really like your blog as well

    x, Steph