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Yesterday my friends and I went exploring in our city in search for a great place to shoot photos for a photography contest.

Eventually we discovered an old factory building. It is completely abandoned which is a reason for graffiti artists to leave their marks behind.

It is really amazing to just stand in the big hall and look at the paintings. The danger of collapse is naturally given but didn't stop us from entering the building.

Trees aren't spared the paint
Some probably say that graffiti is terrible vandalism but I reckon it prevents the loneliness of certain places. If there wasn't any street art at this factory building it would seem even scarier and pointless not to get rid of it.



Once you return the place will probably have changed since the paintings are being over-sprayed.

Around my city street art isn't often found in random places and sprayers mostly just leave their symbols everywhere. That's why I was so surprised by this place since it's rather rare around here or impossible to find.

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