The Roadtrip - Part I..

Hey there!

In the following weeks I will show you little snapshots of my roadtrip around parts of the Benelux region ( Belgium, The Netherlands ) I went on with my dear friend Maddie.

Part I.I - Amsterdam

We started our journey in Hamburg, North Germany and arrived in Amsterdam after approx. 5 hours.

Since traffic is horrible in the city centre we parked our car in the outskirts of town to catch a tram to our accomodation. The hostel is nestled along the gorgeous Vondelpark where we spent a lot of time to relax and to take long walks as many people in Amsterdam do.

The hostel


And what are the habitants of the Netherlands also renowned for?
Well first of all there is probably the huge amount of bicycles that are more ore less used every minute.

Furthermore there'd be the great fields of tulips that show they colourful beauty around spring time.

Of course there's also heaps of delicious cheese in The Netherlands which everyone should have tasted directly in the Dutch region.

As soon as someone gets lost in Amsterdam the habitants of this cool city are happy to help a friendly but confused tourist out.

Amsterdam has got the prettiest streets, great architecture, lovely food and completely satisfied me with its modern, innovative lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe this building is going to see me again sometime soon?!

Next week will be Part I.II - Amsterdam, since we stayed there the longest.

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

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