The Roadtrip - Part II..

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Part II - Antwerp

This weeks' part of the series is all about Antwerp, Belgium.
It took us approx. 2 hours to get there and to find the place where we would stay the night.

Antwerp is an old town located in the North of Belgium. The proximity to The Netherlands influences the spoken language. All signs are in Dutch and the people that can be heard chatting in lovely caf├ęs speak Dutch as well.

When we arrived we first headed to the city centre (Grote Markt) to search for a place to eat.

Antwerp has got beautiful architecture in the old part of town such as the facades as above.
As we were walking around we found a small waffle shop situated at the crossroads "Torfbrug" and "Kaasrui". The waffles are amazing and the waiter was very friendly.

Despite the fact that Antwerp has got a beautiful historic district we felt that other parts of the town aren't quite in their best state.

Nevertheless Antwerp offers great shopping areas such as "Nationalestraat", "Meir" and "Kammenstraat". Because of its small size Antwerp can easily be explored by foot.

We started our walk through the city at the central station of Antwerp which is an impressive old building, probably the prettiest train station in the entire European region. We then went along "Meir" towards "Kammenstraat".

When we arrived at our hostel we checked in and went upstairs to our room. The hostel wasn't as colourful and old as the one in Amsterdam, it was rather puristic and reminded me of a bachelor's apartment.

Anyways, I would recommend to not stay longer in Antwerp than a day. It's a great place for shopping since it is supposed to be an aspiring centre of fashion.

Next week is about Part III - Brussels.

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