The Roadtrip - Part V..

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Part V - The North Sea (The final one)

After our - way too short - stay in Maastricht we travelled back to Germany to the North Sea in Lower Saxony. We visited a small town called Emden near the Dutch border and Bremen.

We spent the day walking around the town, went into a few shops and relaxed at the waterside.

In the evening we went out for dinner where we had Nachos and Enchiladas.

The next day we drove to Bremen to have a look at the city and to finish off our roadtrip with a nice meal in a restaurant at the riverside.

However if someone wishes to see the North Sea I would rather recommend travelling to Schleswig-Holstein or to visit an island in Lower Saxony rather than staying at the coast. Go by boat or train to a small island (for example Föhr or Sylt) and spend a week there in May or June.

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