Wandering in the fields..

Hey there!

The other day I drove to a field nearby to pick some fresh strawberries.

Adjacent to the strawberry field was a flower field where one could pick their own flowers as well. I chose a few peonies, since I love the way they look when they're blossoming out.

Later on I made a cake with the freshly picked strawberries.

I hope (wherever you may read this) you are also blessed with great weather and the possibility to see the origin of your food. If you have the chance of visiting any sort of fruit plantation go ahead and pick your very own selection.

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph


  1. That cake looks good and the strawberries delicious!
    I like the 4th photo, it's a beautiful close-up shot of the flower.

    1. Thank you Ines! Love the new concept of your blog!

  2. These are great... And the cake looks delicious :) I particularly like the photo of the strawberry in your hand and also the low down view of the field :)