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Part 3: Noosa

The other day I went on a roadtrip with some friends going up to Noosa, which is located in the North of the Sunshine Coast. To me the town had always seemed very peaceful and laid back, but also quite stylish and expensive (e.g. Hastings street).

The best spot in Noosa to enjoy a nice cup of coffee would be a place called "Bean Drop" which is located at 75 Noosa Drive. The baristas are very friendly and relaxed and the place has got quirky little things everywhere, take a look at the door handle for instance. There are also great photographs inside, taken by the Aussie photographer Keith (check him out here).

After the obligatory cup of hot chocolate we headed to the National Park of Noosa. The ocean looks magical and is so incredibly inviting. However it was quite cold, so I only dipped my toes in for a while. There are many bush turkeys strolling along the beach there and as you walk through the bush you should always look out for koala bears. They are pretty shy and unfortunately very rare, so we didn't see one as we walked around the park.

Along the coast of Noosa, you can spot many surfers trying to catch waves. The surf wasn't very good, however I am not used to seeing any waves at all, since the Baltic Sea does not have as much strength as the Pacific Ocean, of course. It was still somehow calming to watch the waves break as they reached the shore.

We eventually made our way back to the car to have a picknick in the park. When I was stuyding abroad in Australia, I loved to visit Noosa for the day. Throughout my stay in Australia now, I will definitely come back at least once more to take in the beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

Next up: Sailing on the Gold Coast

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