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Part 5: The Hinterland of the Gold Coast

On the weekend my friend took me to the Hinterland of the Gold Coast for a hike. We drove to Binna Burra in the Lamington National Park which is located near the border of New South Wales.
Our track led us along the sacred Kweebani cave of the Yugambeh people who had inhabited the Gold Coast and its Hinterland before the Europeans arrived in Australia to take their land off them.

On our hike we saw a lot of ancient Antarctic beeches, Eucalyptus trees and epiphytic plants that must have been growing there for hundreds and hundreds of years. The rainforest was lusciously green and seemed so untouched. We listened to the exotic birds singing their songs and heard the trees creaking because of the heavy wind. Moreover the air lacked any traces of human pollution and was incredibly refreshing.

As we were walking in the bush, it was hard to believe that only a few kilometres eastward, our human impact had created such a different and dirty environment. We returned to the Gold Coast after we had completed the circuit and had taken the beautiful view in up in the mountains.
I definitely preferred (and would recommend) wandering around in the forest compared to spending time in the loud and busy streets of Surfer's Paradise.

Find out more about the Lamington National Park here.

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