Impressions of Menorca No. 1

Hey there!

So I thought I should share some photos and write a blog post series about my visit to the beautiful island Menorca during my mid-semester break in May.

Menorca is part of the Balearic Islands - consisting of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera -which are all located in the Mediterranean Sea, a few hundred kilometres south of Barcelona, Spain.
The name Menorca means "the smaller one". This becomes obvious when comparing it with Mallorca, which is approx. 3 times larger than Menorca - and therefore a lot busier. 
Menorca is calmer (span.: tranquilo), more authentic than its neighbouring islands and less touristy.

The entire island is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve including its coasts and marine systems surrounding it and Menorca's habitants put a lot of effort in reserving their island as it is/was.
Moreover a huge national park can be found in the northeastern part of Menorca. 

Unfortunately during my stay I didn't make it to the national park, since my travel partner and I didn't have a car to drive around.

- BUT, we did get around the island with mountain bikes we rented in the capital of Menorca, Maó.

On the first day - after we arrived - we hiked from the airport to Maó to save the transport cost and to gain a first few impressions of Menorca. 

Along the way we saw some sheep, beautiful flowers, a cathedral and great empty fields.

Maó is situated along one of largest natural harbours. Its historic centre sits upon a hill overlooking the water. When walking around the city, the English influence (18th century) can be noticed through specific design techniques (windows, doors, etc.).

But also the Moorish architecture (Spain was influenced and conquered by the Moors between approx. 700 - 1490) can be seen in Maó. The Alhambra in Andalusia is another example for the influence of the Moors in Spain.

During the day we walked around the city, went out for dinner to try some typical tapas and had some fresh fruit.

There's more to come!

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