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Fourth stop: Spain

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This month's international dinner was dedicated to Spain.
The Spanish cuisine is primarily made up of dishes including fish, seafood, different spices and delicious ham or meat.

In Spain people tend to have a small breakfast, then have lunch around midday and that's it for a while. They might have a small snack in between, but the main meal of the day is prepared in the evening. In contrast to Germany the southern countries of Europe, such as France, Spain or Italy will cook a warm dish not earlier than 8pm - simply because it is too warm during the day to have a hot meal.

Of course I can't speak for every habitant of southern Europe, but this is what I've heard from my friend with a huge affinity for Italy.
Also when I took part in an exchange with an Andalusian (southern Spain) school during my high school time, this was what I experienced.

In Andalusia, in Seville, my host family took me out to have traditional tapas in a restaurant.
If you ever set foot on Spanish ground, do try as many of them as you can.

But what are tapas?

Well, tapas are a wide variety of different appetizers - either hot or cold. They can be combined as a full meal or just eaten as a small snack. They are often served in small bowls or on ceramic plates and with a bottle of red wine (preferably from a Spanish wine region).

So we thought we should give it a try and compose a Spanish meal made up of different tapas.

For our Spanish dinner we prepared the following tapas:

Cooked capsicum with almonds and honey

(Meatballs with tomato sauce)


Papas arrugadas (wrinkly, salty potatoes)

Mojo Rojo (spicy red sauce; consisting of olive oil, garlic, capsicum, paprika powder, etc.)

Mojo Verde (less spicy green sauce; consisting of fresh parsley and other ingredients like Mojo Rojo)

Tomato and eggplant dip

Peppers filled with cream cheese

Roasted mushrooms

Jamón serrano 
(Serrano ham)

Stuffed mushrooms

Roasted chicken liver with sherry

Tortilla española (Spanish omelette made up of potatoes, onions and eggs)

Chorizo al vino (Spanish sausage roasted with red wine)

For dessert we had

Crema catalana

And now it's your turn! Be creative and make up your own individual tapas meal.

¡Que aproveche! (Enjoy your meal!)


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