For all these Christmas lovers..

Hey there!

I thought I'd share a lovely winter dessert with you. It's traditionally meant for Christmas, but it tastes just as good in January!

It's called "Bratapfel" (engl. roast apple) and is made from [who would have guessed] apples.

Ingredients (serves 4):

~ 4 relatively big apples
~ 2 oranges
~ chopped almonds
~ marzipan
~ honey
~ vanilla bean
~ any sort of chocolate cookies [I used gingerbread]
~ butter
~ vanilla custard
~ cream

Kitchen utensils:

~ an oven
~ a knife for coring the apples
~ 2 pots
~ measuring jug
~ cake tin
~ orange squeezer

1. Core the apples and get rid of any stains.

2. Fill them with marzipan/almonds and put them in the cake tin.

3. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Chop the cookies and put them on top of the apples.

5. Then "close up" the hole with a little bit of marzipan.

6. Squeeze out the oranges and put the juice with a small piece of butter into a pot.

7. Bring it to the boil, let it cool for a little while and pour it over the apples.

8. Cut open the vanilla bean and extract the vanilla seeds. Sprinkle half of it on top of the apples.

9. Add a bit of honey and put it into the oven.

10. Prepare the custard, let it cool and then add the rest of the vanilla seeds + 200ml of cream.


12. Check on the apples occasionally and take them out once they look golden. They should have opened up a little as well. [mine took about 35 minutes]

13. Most important step: ENJOY!

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you tried out these great roast apples.

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

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