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Hey there!

I hope you have all had a great week so far and are super excited for the approaching weekend!

Since my inspiration took off for a few days I didn't really know what to post this Thursday.

So I figured I should show you some shots I have published on my flickr stream

These photos were shot for the weekly challenge FlickrFriday challenge. The theme was "Something Gold, Something Blue".

Also for FlickrFriday. "Getting Closer" was the theme.

My selfmade fairy lights (made of egg cartons).
You can find a tutorial at this website. There are lots of great ideas for "upcycling" ordinary stuff/trash.

My most recent photo is following the theme of TwitterTuesday of the 28th of January 2014 - TEA.
I tried to form a tea cup out of tea as you can hopefully see. If you're wondering how I edited this, don't hesitate to ask, I'd be happy to inform.

And the last photo for today is showing a denim button-down shirt. I decided to make use of the macro setting. I wanted to highlight the way it is worn nowadays by almost all youngsters.

I enjoy taking part in all sorts of competitions on platforms like flickr or twitter since it encourages changing up the standards of photography.

Thank you for reading!

xx, Steph

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