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Hey there!

Well this time I am going to show you some photos of a nearby island I went to recently. As I live in the Northern part of Germany at the Baltic Sea, the North Sea is not too far away. So I went to "Föhr" with two friends for a short holiday.

We stayed in a beautiful holiday home and went beach-walking for hours. ( Check the house out! )

Föhr offers amazing beaches, interesting architecture and simply spots for relaxation.

Since it belongs to the Friesian Islands the culture and especially architecture is very unique.
Lots of authentic thatched houses can be found and adored.

We were blessed with amazing weather which we naturally took advantage of.

At high season (summer time) the beaches are crowded with people visiting the island but because we went there in March there were almost no tourists around, so we basically had the beach to the inhabitants and ourselves.

I can't wait to return to the island. I also figured out that I need to visit the beaches around my home more often, since it is extremely close and so underestimated.

Thank you for reading, I hope I managed to catch your attention for "Föhr"!

xx, Steph

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