God just knocked over his inkpot..

Hey there!

Today we had more than 20°C and I took advantage of the pleasant weather and went to the seaside.

With two friends I spectated at "Rowing against cancer" which is a small regatta that is hosted every year in the Bay of Kiel in June.

When I arrived back home, the weather suddenly changed. I went outside and saw two different kinds of sky patterns colliding. On one hand clear blue sky and on the other dark thunderclouds. 

A few minutes later it began to rain cats and dogs. Equipped with an umbrella and a Canon EOS 600 reflex camera I bravely went outside and took photos of "teardrops shed by god" that got in touch with the flora in my backyard.

Macro shot of Spirea plant

Yellow Marguerite Blossom

Leaf of European Beech Tree

Blossom of Quince Tree

Thanks to the hot and humid weather I managed to take a few photographs with the macro setting.

I'm certain and optimistic that summer has finally arrived.

xx, Steph

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