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In early April my family and I went to visit Hamburg and the "HafenCity" ( =harbour city of Hamburg, new urban area that is still being planned and built - development started in 1997).

Northern German architectural style

The "Michel" - main church in Hamburg

Me standing in the Old Warehouse District

The Old Warehouse District "Speicherstadt" is a part of Hamburg where import and export was managed back in the days. As Hamburg is conveniently surrounded by the Elbe (River) the open sea is easily reached, which explains the most important source of income of the city - the maritime trade.

Canal with bridge
The district impresses with old buildings made out of red brickstones. The architectural style of the district was influenced by the typical Northern German redbrick Gothic, which can be seen in all Hanseatic cities in Germany.

Where goods were stored

The area marked in red is the Old Warehouse District. The HafenCity is located south of the OWD. Only small parts have been finished until this day and many more projects are to start. 

Map showing a part of Hamburg

Café on the "Überseeboulevard"

Small shops

Angular buildings

Modern apartment building

Back in the Old Warehouse District

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