My French pal..

Hey there!

Last Monday I went with K to the seaside of Kiel to take photos for her fashion blog Semaphore ( ). All photos shot with a Sony Alpha 100.

K on beech avenue

Bay of Kiel

The sun shone brightly and we enjoyed the gentle sea breeze.

An important factor for writing a post for a fashion blog is that you'll need macro shots to be able to have a close look at the different parts of the outfit. That's why I used the macro setting to put K's fabulous shoes and her necklace into the spotlight.

Nevertheless it is necessary to get an overview of the person's clothing, which was a reason to shoot long shots and mid shots.

We've been having very nice weather for the whole week now and it doesn't seem to get worse anytime soon. Everyone feels thoroughly happy and is looking forward to being on holidays.

2 1/2 weeks to go, guys!

xx, Steph

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